Christian Counseling & Coaching with the whole person in mind

Individual Counseling

Counseling is provided on Christian principles in a comfortable, safe, non-judgmental and confidential atmosphere in which to explore one’s issues or problems and work towards personal growth and healing.   We are all “a work in progress” and having support is vital to becoming all that God wants a person to be whole, healed and free. Counseling presents an opportunity to put things into perspective, remove obstacles and make healthy decisions that can lead towards restoration, reconciliation and healing. 

We support both Christians and non-Christians. Christians beliefs are not forced upon individuals.


Counseling provided by counselors at The Seed Planter Coaching & Counseling, PLLC  provides the platform to grow in all areas of one’s life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Counseling provides an opportunity for healing and encouragement in a non-judgmental, non-denominational environment.   We help individuals overcome anger, depression, stress, low self-esteem, anxiety, and other emotional challenges in a non-judgmental manner.  We help individuals struggling with church hurt.

We see both women and girls (13+) to over emotional issues and men and boys struggling with anger management issues.

The foundation of this practice is empowering & equipping.


I also offer Skype & telephone counseling/coaching for private pay clients only. I’m an ordained elder; however, I do not concentrate on religion but healing and helping individuals be all they aspire to be. *Individuals do not have to be a Christian to get help.